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  • The Giant Panda

    Learn more about the life of these mysterious and gentle animals

  • Discover the wonders of Yunnan

    A province well-known for its wonderful and unadulterated natural landscapes, colourful ethnic minority cultures and more...

  • The Terracotta Army

    the legacy of China's First Emperor

  • Fujian Tourism

    Where The Maritime Silk Road Starts

    Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau in partnership with CTS Horizons

  • China National Tourist Office

    Beautiful China - Year of Integrated Tourism 2018

    in partnership with CTS Horizons

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Our Top Tours

  • chuxiang or juxiang huangshan.jpg

    A Tale of Art and Porcelain

    A fascinating exploration of Chinese arts, porcelain tradition and ancient history

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    16 days from£2900

  • tea field work.jpg

    The Tea Culture Tour

    Explore the less travelled road to the origin place of this ancient culture

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    5 days from£789

  • sanya resort.jpg

    Eastern Hawaii Sanya

    Visit the unique “Sunshine City”

    See Itinerary

    7 days from£1185

  • Yushan Jade Dragon Mountain.jpg

    The Heart of Inner China

    Last Minute Offer. Discounted International Flight included in the price

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    15 days from£2890

Our Top Destinations

  • china tour beijing canal.jpg

    China Tours

    We are the leading specialist in Tours to China

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  • YoungMonksDechencholing.jpg


    Experience the unique sights of the extraordinary kingdom of Bhutan!

    view more
  • Mandalay Burma.jpg


    Explore all the highlights and hidden splendours of Burma.

    view more
  • Visit Vietnam CTS Horizons.jpg


    Tour Vietnam with CTS Horizons, and enjoy a fabulous holiday in the Far East.

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  • Visit Seoul South Korea.jpg

    South Korea

    On your tour of South Korea you will admire its natural beauties and ancient culture.

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  • Mekong Delta.jpg


    Enjoy an exotic and unique Far East holiday when you tour Indochina with CTS Horizons.

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