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2017 China-ASEAN Expo Tourism Exhibition


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A few days ago the Tourism Expo of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations was held in Guilin in Guangxi province in China. CTS Horizons was there to participate and remark the importance of tourism and cultural exchange between the UK and Asian countries.

The ASEAN exhibition took place in a unique setting. The beautiful green mountains and rivers of Guilin have been chosen to be the stage of this important conference.
As well as its beautiful canals and ancient buildings.
It has been a week of meeting, networking and discussion on cooperation between countries to develop tourism and travel opportunities.
Numerous important personalities intervened at the event, starting from the Mayor of Guilin city, many other representatives from the Chinese government, ASEAN member nations and officials from other countries collaborating in the event. 
After the opening ceremony, the proper fair started and a number of exhibitors brought their own products and services to seal new deals and find new solutions to enhance the international tourism and promote both inbound and outbound travelling in Southeast Asia. Many European and American countries were also involved in the negotiations, and not only for leisure tourism but also the business and MICE were involved as a big and ever-expanding side of this industry. 
The number of tourists travelling to southeast Asia every year is rapidly growing, since 2010 the recorded 74 million travellers have reached over 100 million last year. This astounding increase has brought to a fast development of this industry and has encouraged Asian governments to invest more, improving infrastructure and services and along with them also employment. In 2016 over 11 million people have been employed in the tourism industry and according to projections, these numbers are bound to grow even more. 



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