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China Travel Guide: Guangxi, the Best Landscape


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Guangxi Province, officially Zhuang Autonomous Region due to the concentration of the largest Chinese ethnic minority Zhuang, is one of the most renowned provinces in whole China. Thanks to its spectacular natural landscape and many unique attractions Guangxi is like no other place and definitely an unmissable destination.

The region is characterised by warm and humid climate. The average temperatures vary from 23 to 29 degree  and rarely goes below 10°C. Let's see which are the best places to visit that cannot be missed when travelling in Guangxi.


1. Guilin 桂林
Guilin is not only one of the most important cities in Guangxi, but it also used to be the provincial capital during Ming and Qing dynasties. A Chinese saying goes "East or West, Guilin landscape is the best!" and best expresses how this region represents a real jewel with unique karst formation and lush flora that are surely among the best-known in whole China.
Both the city and its surroundings have plenty of scenic spots to visit and enjoy. One of the most iconic is surely the Elephant Trunk Hill, a rock formation shaped like a huge arch on the Li river bank, situated in the centre of the city that resembles an elephant drinking water with its trunk.
Another important scenic area partly within Guilin City is the so-called 'Two Rivers and Four Lakes' which ranges through Li and Taohua rivers and the lakes Mulong, Guihu, Ronghu and Shanhu. Along rivers and lakes, a number of beautiful gardens dot the banks and numerous bridges with the beautiful background offer a great setting to take pictures and enjoy a boat trip.
2. Yangshuo 阳朔
There is another saying that goes "The landscape in Guilin the most beautiful in China, and the landscape in Yangshuo is the most beautiful in Guilin". Not far from Guilin City, in fact, is possible to take a ferry and go on a wonderful trip on the Li River, admiring scenery that inspired many Chinese artists and reach the small town of Yangshuo.
It is surrounded by uniquely shaped mountains and luxuriant nature and its West Street lined with western-style restaurants and bars where many travellers from both China and abroad gather.
3. Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces in Longsheng 龙胜梯田
Longsheng County, probably one of the most famous vast rice terrace areas in China, called the Dragon's Backbone. Its construction began in the Yuan Dynasty and completed during the early Qing Dynasty.  The Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces is a stunning natural landscape representing the effort and history of an ancient population.
By Dariusz Jemielniak (Pundit) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
During the whole year, this wonderful scenery changes with the seasons, so that whenever tourists visit China it offers a different experience.
This area offers also a great occasion to explore the Zhuang ethnic group culture that has a major presence in this province.
4. The Reed Flute Cave  芦笛岩
Located to the northwest of Guilin, the Reed Flute Cave is a natural limestone cave lit with  multicoloured lights and is one of Guilin’s most interesting and picturesque  attractions. It is over 180 million years old.  The name comes from a special type of reed growing outside the cave which is used to make flutes.
Reed Flute Cave is filled with a large number of stalactites, stalagmites. Inside, there are more than 70 inscriptions written in ink, which can be dated back as far as 792 AD during the Tang Dynasty testifying how the cave already attracted visitors at that time. Finally, outside the cave, a park has been built with pavilions, ponds and bridges.
5. Chengyang 程阳
Chengyang is a district consisting of eight villages. It is characterised by its many bridges, but the most well-known Chengyang Bridge is a unique 100 years old covered bridge called "wind and rain bridge" over 64 metres long.
The bridge has been added to to the UNESCO World Heritage sites List in 1996. At night the bridge lights up revealing an even more exceptional scenery. It is a quiet area surrounded by luxuriant nature but the tourism is always increasing.,_Guangxi,_China.jpg#/media/File:Chengyangqiao,_Guangxi,_China.jpg
Climbing to the top of the hill it is also possible to enjoy a wonderful view of the whole valley. Chengyang offers one of the best examples of the beauty and worth of rural China.
6. The Detian Waterfall 德天瀑布 
The Detian Waterfall with its 70 metres of height and 200 metres of width is one of Asia's largest waterfall at the border with Vietnam to the west of the province capital Nanning. It originates from the Guichun River which passes Vietnam and goes back to Guangxi. The site is surrounded by karst formations and is definitely one of the most impressive scenic spots in the whole country. Visitors can hear the waterfall roar from the distance and as they get closer they can admire the great view of the waterfall divided into three levels and surrounded by rainbows and trees.
Guangxi is an unmissable tile of this beautiful mosaic with its unique natural landscapes, traditions and culture it is not just visiting China, it is a deeper experience, that remains imprinted in the memory. If you wish to try it too ask us by contacting one of our experts or check our tours to Guangxi.



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