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China Travel Guide: The Porcelain Capital Jingdezhen


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Today we focus on some facts and interesting places that not many people know about when visiting China. We explore Jingdezhen (景德镇), the second biggest city of Jiangxi Province (江西) and rightfully recognised as one of the birthplaces of the worldwide known Chinese Porcelain.

The Porcelain Capital Jingdezhen

Jingdezhen despite being a quite small city for Chinese standards (around 1,5 million citizens) is definitely one of great importance and historical relevance.
Its famous porcelain production began during the Han Dynasty period (206 BC - 220 AD). Through different Dynasties succession, the production concentrated increasingly in few centres that in time gained great importance. Jingdezhen porcelain reached national fame around 1000 CE during the Song Dynasty and maintained its influence since. With Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jingdezhen became also the major manufacturer of porcelain for exports to Europe, where this Chinese art caught more and more attention, and one of the four most industrially developed cities.
Torch Sculpture in Jingdezhen
Nowadays, Jingdezhen maintains a substantial importance thanks to astonishing thin and fine porcelain which are sold and acquired by collectors for exceptionally high prices, but it also offers many attractions, beautiful scenic spots and ceramic art centres.
Longzhu Pavilion (龙珠阁)
Longzhu Pavilion (longzhuge) is today a Jingdezhen Porcelain museum that displays a number of chinawares, especially from Ming and Qing Dynasty.
Zhushan East Town (珠山东市)
It is the eastern district where the major part of industrial and commercial activities of the city are located
Fuliang County Ancient Administrative Office (浮梁古县衙)
A perfectly preserved example of ancient architecture with symmetric constructions within the Ancient town. The buildings are built on the traditional axis going from south to north, as in many Chinese temples.
Strange Stone Forest (怪石林)
A scenic spot that even though has not become really famous until now, is gaining more and more popularity and attracting more tourists. Here stones mix with exotic trees, flowers, and birds to create a unique and picturesque landscape.
The Ancient Kiln (古窑)
This well preserved Ancient Kiln Factory shows tourists the original process of porcelain manufacture. The buildings are organised as a Siheyuan, the quadrangular traditional Chinese residences with a courtyard in the middle.
Yaoli (瑶里)
Yaoli it's a small town located to the north-east of Jingdezhen. A very interesting scenic area thanks to its location on the mountains, and a town with a special traditional taste that has been selected among the top most beautiful and nostalgic destinations for China tours. As in Jingdezhen many buildings called "dragon kiln" recall Yaoli's historical porcelain production which continues today maintaining in part the traditional manufacture process.
Hongyan Fairyland (洪岩仙境)
Located 30 miles away from Jingdezhen and close to the Strange Stone Forest site. This place combines natural and ancient traditional features. But the main attraction is the underground cave which is over 1,2 miles long. With its stalactites and underground waterfalls, Hongyan Fairyland offers a really special sight for the eyes.
Porcelain Sculptures Factory (雕塑瓷厂)
Within the Porcelain Sculptures Factory is housed the Pottery Workshop, founded by the ceramist Caroline Cheng in 2005 and attracting both artists and tourists. The activities are focused on maintaining and preserving this form of art, but also in keep developing it and spreading its fame abroad.
A new special Itinerary including this fascinating location and other close attractions like Huangshan, the mountain that inspired many traditional poems and paintings in the adjacent Anhui province is Online Now! Check out A Tale of Art and Porcelain or contact us for more Tailor-made tours!

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