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Indian Food: Healthy And Phenomenally Tasty


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Around 35% of Indians are strict Vegetarians while another 30% are regular meat eaters.


Indian cuisine has become a favourite among Europeans, arriving in the UK long before Sushi, Pho and Kimchi; curry and rice has become a staple of the average Britain’s diet. But like most foods imported from abroad what we eat and experience here doesn’t even scratch the service of the diversity of Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse, and the development of Indian cuisine has been heavily influence by religious traditions in different parts of the country. Around 35% of Indians are strict Vegetarians while another 30% are regular meat eaters. While it is difficult to describe Indian cuisine with our linking it to the geographic regions, it is true to say the Indian food is generally spicy.

Again this depends on the region but staples then to include things like rice, wheat flour, variety of pulses, vegetables, fruits and spices. Indian curries are cooked in ghee, peanut oil, mustard oil, coconut oil or gingili oil, depending on the region. Fish and meat are also part of many recipes, especially areas closer to Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Indian food is rich in variety, taste and flavour. Each region has its own style of cooking and unique cuisine. Renowned for exotic gravies and spicy kababs, Indian cuisine has something to satisfy every palate. The spices used in Indian cooking date back from over 1000 years ago and have defined the cuisine of South Asia since. Not only were spices chosen for their taste and colour but also their medicinal properties for example turmeric, cloves and cardamoms are antiseptic in nature. Ginger and cloves help digestion. Pepper is great remedy for throat ailments.

According to Indian food theory, there are six different tastes: sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. It is believed that a good meal should be a well-balanced combination of all these tastes. Although, often one or two of them will stand out and it is not often that all six are employed in a dish.

Now you know a little about all the delicious food awaiting in India, I would guess you now want some recommendations?

Well here of some of the dishes I highly recommend you try on your trip to India:

Hot Fresh Jalebi:

These delicious and inexpensive sweets are a sugar lover’s dream. They have a somewhat chewy texture with a crystallized sugary exterior coating. Citric acid or lime juice is sometimes added to the syrup, as well as rose water. This snack is available all over India and you will be able to find it at street venders all over the country for a few rupees.

Kerala Fish Molly:

This Kerala specialty dish consists of a freshly steamed tender fish covered in a sweet and mildly spicy curry like sauce. Its fruity and fresh flavours will dance on your tongue and leave you feel full and satisfied.


These delicious fried balls of batter are from Bihar state. They are around the size of you palm and are usually stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings including spiced paneer cheese, lentil dhal and savoury yogurt.

Do you want to get your teeth around some delicious authentic Indian food? Why not book your tour to India with CTS Horizons and let us introduce you to one of the world’s oldest and most famous culture in luxury and comfort.

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