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Merry Christmas from CTS Horizons


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Thinking about travel to China for Christmas? Find out how is today's Christmas in the Middle Kingdom


Even though there is only around 2.3% of Christians in China and not many people know about the origins and history of this traditional holiday, in the last few years it is becoming more and more popular.  It is mainly spread in big cities, where there is a stronger Western influence and streets, shopping centres and squares are decorated with Christmas trees and colourful lights.
Generally speaking, in China this holiday has been so far mainly a commercial attraction, people will go shopping, buy gifts but also more and more often go to the Midnight Mass service.
Another tradition that is becoming popular during Christmas is giving apples as a gift. Very often these special apples are wrapped up in coloured paper or even marked with characters on the outside peel. This habit comes from the Chinese translation of Christmas Eve, ' Píng'ān yè' (平安夜, literally peaceful night) so called because of the carol 'Silent Night' in which the first syllable and character are both similar to the ones in apple, 'Píngguǒ'  苹果.  
It is a good period for tourists too. Because it is low season, it is possible to visit China for significantly lower prices and get better deals in general, many restaurants will also offer Christmas dinner. Alternatively, is becoming also easier to properly spend Christmas at home in a more Western style, with stores importing authentic food and online platforms selling every kind of decoration.
For people not adhering to the Catholic religion, and especially for young people, it's a great chance to get together and party with friends or as a romantic holiday to spend with a partner.
Christians here celebrate going to special mass services on Christmas Eve, during which there are choral performances and other plays. Christmas carols singing is not common in the streets, but they are quite popular among Christians thanks also to karaoke's diffusion. Moving toward Western China, where Muslims and Buddhists prevail like in Tibet and Xinjiang, Christmas is less celebrated, except for some bigger and fast-developing cities such as Chongqing or Chengdu. 
In Hong Kong, due to the previous influence of Western countries, Christmas is celebrated with two days of public holiday and the famous WinterFest. A festival with a joyous atmosphere, great performances of lights and fireworks that every year attracts many tourists.
Why not try an alternative way to celebrate Christmas? Why not fly to China this year? Experience this holiday from a different and interesting point of view. Contact our experts today 
We at CTS Horizons wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


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