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Hunan's Highlights


  •  Explore Changsha and the Orange Isle
  •  Discover Mao Zedong's hometown
  •  Admire the second longest covered bridge Longjin
  •  Enjoy a stay in Phoenix Town, Fenghuang, one of the most well-preserved old towns in China
  •  Visit the many scenic areas in Zhangjiajie including glass bridge and Avatar's Mountains
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Hunan is an important Province in China historically and culturally. It is the birthplace of Mao Zedong which has shaped China during the past century and it is still a massively influential figure. But Hunan is also full of well-preserved traditional towns and natural scenery like no other in the world like the wonderful Phoenix Town Fenghuang and the National Forest Park of Zhangjiajie.


New dates for this group tour will be updated soon.

If you wish to know more about the destinations of this itinerary you can check
China Travel Guide: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

Price Includes

  • International flights and Domestic flights in Economy.
  • Twin room in specified hotels and room type specified with BBF daily (except the arrival day)
  • Service of professional English speaking local guides accompanying for all transfers and sightseeing
  • Service of professional drivers
  • Private luxurious vehicle with air-conditioning
  • Transfers as specified in the itinerary
  • The entrance fees to all listed sightseeing
  • Meals as specified B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner


Not included

  • Chinese Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Meals not specified & drinks
  • Sightseeing not specified
  • Personal expenses, ie. Laundry, communication, use of the internet, souvenirs etc.

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Hunan's Highlights

Hunan's Highlights

Day 1
London - Changsha

Arrive in Changsha. Once landed, received from the guide for the transfer to Hotel. Overnight in Changsha for 3 nights.

Day 2

On this day, visit Yuelu Mountain, Yuelu Academy of Classical Learning, Aiwan Pavilion, then visit Orange Isle and Hunan Provincial Museum (as this is closed on Mondays, the itinerary for Day 2 may be interchanged with Day 3).

Day 3
Changsha - Yueyang - Changsha

Yueyang is located 152km/100 miles north of Changsha. It is a 2.5 h journey on the super-highway by coach. There are different sightseeing destinations in this area. Yueyang Tower, Cishi Pagoda, and Junshan Island in Dongting hu/lake, the 2nd largest body of fresh water in China. Later in the afternoon, return to Changsha.

Day 4
Changsha - Shaoshan - Hengyang

Enjoy a day trip to Shaoshan 98km/60 miles south of Changsha, then transfer to Hengyang. The attractions in Mao Zedong’s hometown include his Former Residence, the Memorial Museum, Memorial Park, Mao’s Bronze Statue Square, the Relics Museum, and the Mao Ancestral Hall. Other attractions are the Water Dripping Cave where Mao intended to live after he retired. Overnight in Hengshan for 2 nights.

Day 5

Zhurong Feng 18 miles 30 min from Hengshan; ‘Grand Temple of Mount Heng’ 16 km/10 miles from Hengshan; Visit Heng Shan/Mountain range, one of the five sacred mountains in China and its highest mountain, Zhurong Feng/Peak named after Zhu Rong 11km/7 miles from 'The Grand Temple of Mount Heng' also called 'Nanyue Damiao' (which will also be visited) on the first/southernmost of the 72 peaks of the Heng Shan range, Huiyan Feng/Peak.

Day 6
Hengyang - Huaihua

Enjoy a day trip around Hengyang, then transfer to Huaihua (3.5 hours). Visit Dongzhou Island where the vegetarian restaurant in the monastery is recommended and it is also full of famed sightseeing spots. Chuanshan Academy, Xiangjiang River Scenic Belt (a popular hiking and walking area in Hengyang), Yueping Park, The City Museum (to the west of Yueping Park), Xi hu Park/West Lake Park (formerly Lotus Park), and The Monument of Martyrs. Later drive back to Huaihua. Overnight in Huaihua.

Day 7
Huaihua - Hongjiang - Huaihua

Visit the ancient commercial town of Hongjiang in Yuanshui at the confluence of the Yuan and Wu rivers. Its history dates back to the Spring and Autumn period (771-476BC) flourishing in the Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties. Hongjiang is famed for its well-preserved ancient architecture with guildhalls and cobbled lanes which are well worth exploring. Then wander around Qianyang Ancient City including the Furong (Lotus) Tower. Overnight in Huaihua.

Day 8
Huaihua - Zhijiang - Fenghuang

After breakfast, visit Zhijiang to see the Longjin Roofed Bridge (Longjin Feng Yu Qiao), the 2nd longest Dong wind and rain bridge in the world and the Wanhe Gulou (Bell Tower) recently built by the Dong ethnic minority. This will be followed by visiting Peace Square/Zhijiang Anti-Japanese Commemorative Square, the Sino-American War Memorial also known as “China's Arc de Triomphe” shaped like the Chinese word: “血” to commemorate the Victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japan. Then, visit the Surrender Hall and Memorial Hall. In the Sino-Japanese War, Zhijiang was the HQ of Chinese Army and had the second largest airport in the Far East because of Claire Lee Chennault so afterwards we will visit the Special Duties Unit/Flying Tigers Memorial Hall. Then travel to Fenghuang (Phoenix Town) one of the most stunning water towns in China. Overnight in Fenghuang for 2 nights.

Day 9

After breakfast visit this ancient city and see the former residence of Shen Congwen the father of Chinese regional literature and of some unforgettable books. Visit also the former residence of Xiong Xiling, the first prime minister of the Republic of China, the Yang Family Ancestral Hall one of the 24 ancestral temples in Phoenix Town, Zonta Hall, Dongmen/East Gate City Tower, Ancient City Museum, North Gate Pier, Folk Custom Palace-formerly Longevity Palace, Phoenix Hong Bridge, the Hongqiao art building. Later, enjoy a boat trip on the Tuojiang River then walk back along the quiet and elegant scenery of this ancient city with its timber-structured stilt houses.

Day 10
Fenghuang - Zhangjiajie

In the morning tour to the Great Wall in the south, then visit Furong Zhen which is now called Hibiscus Town after the film. Overnight in Zhangjiajie City for 2 nights.

Day 11

“Tianmen Shan/Mountain National Forest Park” is 8km/5 miles south of Zhangjiajie. Visit the “Tianmen Shan/Mountain National Forest Park” to experience the longest cable car in the world. After getting off, walk on the glass skywalks to see the breathtaking landscapes at the park such as Tongtian Avenue (Avenue toward Heaven), Tianmen Cave (Heaven’s Gate) which is reached by ascending The Celestial Ladder which has 999 steps an auspicious number in Chinese because it means an eternal life. Then visit Tianmen Temple, Guigu Zhandao/Ghost-valley plankway.

Day 12

Transfer to the hotel in Wulingyuan still in Zhangjiajie. Visit Huangshizhai/Huang Zhai Village and Jin Bian Xi Golden Whip Stream which begins near the Zhangjiajie village park entrance and continues for 3km/2 miles through the park surrounded by its fabled karst peaks such as The Hawk Protects the Golden Whip and The Lovers Peaks. Time permitting we will follow the footpath along the stream until the restaurant/souvenir shop is reached 200 m/218 yards before Zicao Tan (Purple Grass Pool).

Day 13
Wulingyuan - Zhangjiajie

Morning: Visit “Tianzi Shan/Mountain” for its virgin scenic attraction, “the most beautiful but not yet known to the world for its height” which will give you a bird’s eye view of all the mountains and valleys of the Wuling Mountains. Visit "Xi Hai" /Western Sea, Viewing Terrace, Imperial Brush Peak, One Dangerous Step etc. Afternoon: Tour the Yuanjiajie Scenic Area (up and down by cable car), where you will see Tian Xia Di Yi Qiao/the First Bridge under Heaven, the Four Gates with Plenty Water where four streams pass through the mountains forming four natural gates, the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain etc. Tuija families have lived for generations on top of the mountains. We will visit Baofeng Lake, which is like a great mirror with green hills surrounding it where the local Tuijia girls will sing for you (usually for a fee!). Evening: The Tianmen Fox Fairy Show.

Day 14
Changde - Changsha

Changsha is 321 km/200 miles to the east of Zhangjiajie. Taohuayuan originated from Tao Yuanming's Book about Peach Blossoms, which has been immortalized in Chinese poetry in China. There are many spots to see in this scenic area from Qinxi, Qingu, Taohua Mountain, Taoyuan Mountain, Wuliu Lake and the ancient town of Taohuayuan. Overnight in Changsha.

Day 15

Transfer to the airport for the flight to Beijing - Shanghai - Hongkong and then back.


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