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Why travel with us

7 good reasons to book with CTS Horizons

1) We know best

We are the British Branch of the biggest and oldest Chinese travel agency. We have been in UK since 1986 and we do not rely on others to look after you abroad - these tours are planned by the best experts and operated by our offices in China. Our reputation rests on the quality of our service and tours and our honest and caring approach to our clients. The high standards we maintain in the operation of our tours are reflected in the fact that so many of our clients book on the basis of personal recommendation, or return to travel with us time and again.

2) Imaginative Itineraries like no other

You will not find itineraries as creative and imaginative anywhere else. Our specialisation and expertise in China travel enables us to seek out hidden gems, rarely seen by other tour groups. So don’t be surprised if some of the sights widely featured in other brochures are dropped by us.  These are mainly standard arrangements adopted by many who don’t bother to seek out the best in what they offer. Acting also on feedback from our clients, we continue to adapt our programmes to ensure that our clients are offered the best and this attention to detail is the key to our continued success.

3) Highest standard

Though we own hotels and resorts in mainland China and Hong Kong, we would not normally use our own hotels if they were not the best in the selected range. Continued endeavours are made to ensure that we search out the best hotels to offer a unique and enjoyable experience. Over the past few years, some wonderful heritage hotels have been created from the conversion of ancient properties – we strive to ensure that these are featured in our tours. Such properties are always more expensive than modern hotels and are therefore rarely featured by our competitors.

4) Flexibility

Should you prefer to arrange your own flights, you may book the land-only arrangements with us and we will advise you of the reduction in tour price accordingly. If this is a return visit to China, you may wish to skip visits to Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. You may also add a pre- or post-tour extension to your tour, or enjoy a relaxing finale to your journey at a resort in South East Asia.  Simply let us know and we will be pleased to accommodate.

5) Highly Professional Tour guides

All our tour guides speak perfect English so that you will not encounter difficulties in any situation. They are attentively selected to offer the best service possible. They will be knowledgeable and up to date with all the insights on your destinations of choice, easy going and helpful in every situation. 

6) Pricing

Our tours are honestly and keenly priced. We do not inflate our prices simply to offer huge reductions to boost sales. Nor do we have to calculate travel agents’ commission into our prices, since we work directly with our clients rather than through a middle-man. Our loyalty discounts for return clients and any other discounts represent genuine savings. Also, we guarantee that the price of your holiday will not be subject to any surcharges. This means that you are fully protected no matter what happens to the price of fuel or to variations in currency exchange rates. Whilst we reserve the right to change prices from time to time, any changes will be confirmed to you before you make your booking. Once a contract exists between us, then the cost of your holiday, as shown on your confirmation invoice, cannot be increased unless you amend your booking.

7) Loyalty Gestures for Repeat Clients

Aside from a comprehensive China programme, we offer a superb collection of private journeys to selected parts of the world, and many of our past clients have now travelled with us year after year. To show our appreciation, aside from loyalty discounts we offer many other pleasant surprises and goodwill gestures.

Our top Tours

  • Shanhaiguan-11.jpg

    The Very Best of the Middle Kingdom

    A great journey through China, offering an in-depth exploration.

    See Itinerary

    19 days from £3800

  • China Holidays with three gorges and Yangtze cruise.jpg

    Beijing, Xian and Yangtze Cruise

    12 days visiting Beijing, Xian and a fabulous Yangtze Cruise.

    See Itinerary

    12 days from £2095

  • Shandong tour cover taishan.jpg

    The Spiritual Heart of China

    A journey through Shandong to discover the roots of Confucianism and Chinese spirituality.

    See Itinerary

    15 days from £2520

  • yunnan dragon pool.jpg

    Yunnan Discovery

    Explore Yunnan's minority tribes on this fascinating tour.

    See Itinerary

    14 days from £2650

  • china tour landscape cover.jpg

    Landscapes of China

    Explore two of China’s most fascinating regions - Sichuan and Guizhou.

    See Itinerary

    16 days from £2750

  • china tour water town.jpg

    Water Towns & Gardens of China

    A picturesque Journey through Chinese traditional waterways

    See Itinerary

    8 days from £1380

  • chuxiang or juxiang huangshan.jpg

    A Tale of Art and Porcelain

    A fascinating exploration of Chinese arts, porcelain tradition and ancient history

    See Itinerary

    16 days from £1900pp x6p

  • Lhasa potala palace cover.jpg

    Across the Roof of the World

    An epic journey for those who yearn to discover the Himalayas.

    See Itinerary

    17 days from £3695


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